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In our society we encounter so many disabled people everyday and we know that they need some kind of help. Help in terms of financial or sometimes they just need their moral lifted. But we don't know how to do that. So we just end up having pity for them.

In India the ratio of disabled people is 10%. There are so many institutions working for the uplifting of disabled people. But they are working on the national level and sometimes it happens that due to the size of their operations they cannot reach everywhere especially in smaller cities, cities like Morbi, Halwad or Surendranagar.

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PayPal is probably one of the first things that gets mentioned once you start discussion on online payments. It’s not so without reason – in 2008, PayPal moved over 60 billion dollars between accounts which is, you’ll agree, a respectable amount. And also, all trends show that this growth will continue – with huge number of new accounts (over 184 million accounts in 2008 compared to 96.2 million in 2005), with a new platform named PayPal X, and with more cool applications that involve paying (like Twitpay), you can bet that PayPal is here to stay. So, how can you join the whole PayPal Development movement?